05.27 | Author: widi nurrizkina

Name : Widi Nurrizkina
Birthday : 07/03/1987
Color : Amber
Adjectives : industrious, enterprising
Strengths : Fashion Sense, Charisma
Humor : Goofy
Career : Fashion
Personality : Driven and focused - you know what you want from life and importantly you know how to get it. You have always been hard-working and a perfectionist, you understand that there is no substitute to hard work in life.

Walking, Looking, Talking, Thinking, Breathing, Hearing, Dreaming.

Soccer, Musics, Photographs, Histories, Languages, Traveling and Cooking.

Favorite Music:
I listening 2 everything n anything. I like Ayu Ratri, Richard Clayderman, Francis Goya, Lex Vandyke, ABBA, Coldplay, The Bee Gees, Green Day, Classical Musics. U name it I probably have it on the computer. The Beatles however are my all time favorite band.

Favorite TV Shows:
Champions League, AC Milan's Match, Fatafeat Shows: Jaques Torres, Nigela Lawson n Emeril Live, n many more.

Favorite Movies:
Saving Private Ryan, Perfume - The Story Of A Murderer, Lord of the Ring.

Favorite Books:
al-Qur'an Kareeem
Manga, Belok kanan BARCELONA